difference between students

I think that one of the main things that separates a good student from a great student is one who is motivated  to find out why an answer is what it is; to understand the problem and how to arrive to the solution.  This may be hard for students with time management problems but managing your time is a very essential skill that will also help you in your later life.


I knew the terminal could make navigation and alterations to files easier but never knew how much it could do until i actually started using it.  We were given commands in class and some exercises but the most I’ve used the terminal is on the midterm.  There was so much of copying, moving, finding words in the files we were given for the midterm that i did not realize how cool and powerful the terminal really was until i used it.  I’ve used it for homework’s all the time but I didn’t think much of the terminal until the midterm when I actually did something useful with it in my eyes.  The other times i used it for homework was just typical stuff we would have to do, like running a program and seeing where the errors were, or changing directories.


From all of these weekly quizzes, I have learned more about the commands in the terminal.  These commands are very powerful and can make doing a certain task a piece of cake.  I have not seen some of these commands before but from seeing them in the quizzes and testing them out afterwards, you can see how useful they are.  They are shortcuts that save the user a massive amount of time if known how to use properly.  It is more of a struggle to learn how to use command line but it is a much more powerful tool than using window and it’s GUI’s.