I’ve always heard of python but have never actually used it until this semester.  It seems like a good program to introduce students to because it seems more user friendly then most programs.  As i’m using python, I realize how it could have helped students if this was their introductory program to learn instead of C++.  It is a little bit easier to use then C++ and reading python syntax and code seems more human nature then reading regular code (because of python’s convenient variable names and syntax).

Adapting to Linux

It is not an easy thing to learn how to use Linux.  I’ve been a Windows user for my whole entire life so changing to another environment is not so easy.  There are a lot of commands and tools that I am still unfamiliar with.  I have learned a few already and i can see the advantages to using the terminal and Linux compared to windows.  Linux is more of a programmers environment where the terminal is a flexible and strong tool to use.  I have to use the terminal for 2 of my classes this semester and I am extremely uncomfortable with it.  I personally think that debugging through the terminal is not as efficient as using a programming language’s debugger like Visual Studios, or C.