Play to Make

Fall 2021


Favorite Film: Django

DJANGO UNCHAINED | Alternative movie poster for 'Django Unch… | Viktor Hertz | FlickrDjango-Unchained-Jamie-Foxx-Christoph-Waltz | 22860 | Flickr

My favorite film is the action packed “Django.” The character development with Django, Dr. Shultz, and other side characters is impeccable. The perspective of a slave gaining freedom and going on this adventure of bounty hunting with his partner that he develops a close relationship is one which hasn’t been told in such a manner before. The brutality in some scenes also helped truly convey how disgustingly terrible people of color were treated in these times. The dog scene was really telling for me.


My Favorite Book: “The Great Gatsby”

great gatsby | Drümmkopf | Flickr

Oh the great Great Gatsby. I’m not much one for sitting down and reading for hours, as I used to be when I was younger, but one book, in particular, still has a special place in my heart after reading. This is the first and only book that I’ve felt the need to reread. From the social commentaries, to the drama surrounding the will they, won’t they dynamic between Daisy and Gatsby, to the odd feeling of nostalgia from reminiscing on a time not even my grandparents experienced. Gatsby had the ability to allow as much creative liberty into the world building aspect of it all. I never seem to fail to immediately think of this novel whenever the question, “what’s your favorite book” is posed.



     All my life, I’ve had the fortune of leaning towards my family, or friends who are loving enough to be considered as such, in times of hardship, heartache, and tragedy. This unity sparked a love for the wholesome thing we often overlook in life. What inspires me is community and selflessness. I’ve, for the longest time have had a special place in my heart for those of whom don’t have that person to lean onto; because of that, I try my best to have that perspective in everyone I interact with. Being inspired by wanting to create a community better for those living in it is what drives me.