Play to Make

Fall 2021


In My Element


Image 1 is built heavily on perspective. Looking at it straight from the side would imply no depth at all. However, looking at it straight ahead implies that there is depth. This is achieved through the repetition of the side arches. These side arches as you move from side to front go from straight lines to curved structures.

Nighttime photography, shows the distinction of light from dark with inner illumination vs. outter darkness. Windows highlight this distinction.

Nighttime photography also highlights “inverse shading.” Instead of daytime shadows being cast out from objects blocking out the light, streetlights illuminate “bubbles” in the night. These light bubbles guide students like moths.



Image 5 has a very weird structure, with a base that has a smaller square area than the rest of the floors. However,  there are column coming out from the bottom to the the top of the building in the front, giving it a sturdier foundation. The building (when looking from the side) essentially has an upsidedown staircase shape.


Background Element


Asthma was my life long ago. My main go-to for delivery of glucosteroids was a nebulizer. One type of Nebulizer uses ultrasonic waves to turn liquid medication into aerosol particulates. A design element might be energy transfer as you go from electric energy to mechanical/acoustic energy. Material may also be a design element because only certain types of metals can vibrate using electric energy. Material, in a way, is very similar to one of the 8 basic design elements: texture.

Schematic illustration of a typical (A) jet nebulizer and (B) ultrasonic nebulizer.




P       / l



1. “The Entertainer”

/plā/ v – to do something for your own enjoyment

2. “The Joking”

/plā/ v – another word for “joke” – to fool around

3. “The Preforming”

/plā/ v – to perform something (usually an instrument)

4. “The Drama”

/plā/ n – a  performance of dramatic nature

5. “Make Believe”

/plā/ v – to do something in an imaginative fashion