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Fall 2021


Yemen Humanitarian Crisis: You Better Listen.

According to the CDC, Yemen is currently suffering the largest and worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. And no one is doing anything about it…


Yemen: The Largest Humanitarian Crisis in the World Storyboard and References



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Hashim, T. H., Adriana, V. M., Maryam, S. B., Mohammad, Y. E., Hasham, H., Shoaib, A., …                  Ashraf, F. M. B. (2021). Yemen’s triple emergency: food crisis amid a civil war and                       covid-19 pandemic. Public Health in Practice, 2, 100082–100082.                                                

Films Media Group. (2018). Yemen was poor before, but “the war just finished Us” (5/16/18).               Films On Demand.             wID=256779&xtid=162881.

“Yemen:  Where We Work.” Islamic Relief USA, 26 Mar. 2021,

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Digital Media Project Brainstorm

Title: “The Process” 

Part 1

Intro: “The Creative Process”

Dialogue for Clip 1:

We were asked to create a short film about an issue that we feel compelled towards. I originally wanted to do a research film on world hunger or illegal child labor practices, but I felt creatively restricted since I have no means of capturing those moments on film. After realizing this, I knew for my film to capture my innermost creativity, I would have to do something difficult, and be vulnerable by choosing a topic that I have experienced personally. My mind went straight to Mental Health Awareness. I set the intention that this film is going, to be honest, resourceful, and give light to those who may be suffering through a dark time.

Dialogue for Clip 2:

I promised this film would be honest, so I am going to try my best to keep it as sincere as possible. This is big for me because I am the type of person to cringe at sentimental things. On that note, I have grappled with my own mental health issues. Admitting it is kind of scary, but with time I’ve come to realize that mental health is an inevitable aspect of life that oscillates between good and bad. As if I haven’t already exposed myself enough, here’s a little insight into my mind while creating this film.

Why am I doing this? Why didn’t I just choose a regular topic like climate change or racism like everyone else in the class? No one is going to take me seriously. I’m scared that people are going to disregard my feelings. I’m scared to show this film to my class. I’m scared to show people who I am and what I’ve been through, what if they invalidate me?  Why am I doubting myself? Why can’t I just be confident in myself? Ok fine, I am just going to do it, I am going to do it and own it!

Part 2 

Research: “The Struggle Process”

Dialogue: (info)

Part 3

Conclusion: “Life’s a Process”

Dialogue: (closing statements)


A lil movie I made in the summer :)

This makes me so nostalgic for the summer time 🙁


Daily Affirmations and Notes Journal

I created this journal using the signature method that we learned in class. I wanted to make a journal that I can use daily because I enjoy writing as a form of self-care. I wanted to make this journal instead of buying one, so I could personalize it as much as possible. I used watercolor for the cover page and  printed out lined paper that I customized to keep my writing organized. I printed out the line paper on one side, so that I could have blank pages in the journal for sketches.


i’m thinking of ending things live review: SPOILER ALERT

Right of the bat, the shots are really odd, yet cinematic the narrator’s tone as well as the music give an eerily nostalgic feeling to the film.

As soon as the man in the car broke the narrator’s dialogue, I jumped, it’s the films first introduction to another significant character.

So confused, can he hear her?

He’s creepy. -(objective)

Ok his name is jake

Wow. Their relationship is really odd.

She’s really about to go meet his parents and he is so nervous and she is over here like I will probably never introduce him to my parents

It’s kinda sad, he likes her a lot more than she likes him, yet she’s putting up a facade of happiness. Based of assumption, I feel like she is doing it to survive. Is this a little misogynistic of me? yes. But why would she stay with him if she did not like him? We’ll see.

Ok shes explaining now, she says she likes him because they get stares when they are out in public together because they are interesting looking???

What kind of excuse is that to date someone?

She is really sad

I want her to stop talking

She is making me depressed

Wow this scene is very long

So far this shot has been the man and the woman driving in a middle of a snow storm. The shot constantly transitions every few seconds to all kinds of different angles inside and outside the car, making the window wipers and snowfall visible.

Finally, we made it to his house!

Trigger Warning: dead animals (24 mins)

wtf is her name

I don’t think they have said her name yet. The misogyny.

We are about to find out because he is about to introduce her to his parents

What are all these throwback scenes to high school with the janitor? clearly he is is hiding something.

Even the subtitles say young women

Her name is Louisa

He definitely got mommy and daddy issues


The mom said, “Don’t worry everything we’re eating is from a farm”  THE FARM WITH THE DEAD ANIMALS THEY SHOWED!!

They just showed Jake’s dad’s  feet, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that feet is symbolism for sex in film, and Jake’s dad started getting uncomfortably close to Louisa when she was showing him her paintings.

Jake clearly does not like his parents. They seem kind though. They probably did something really messed up though.

Jake just exploded at the dinner table, but people don’t have built up anger like that for no reason.

Who is the janitor?

Okay I think I’m watching a completely different film now

They made Louisa clean the dishes. I would do the same out of respect, but I can’t help but wonder how it would play out if the roles were reversed.

Ok this film just got weird

She studies aging so I feel like time is a theme of this story

The parents keep getting older, I don’t get it. I hope I’m meant to be a little lost

The mom is throwing backhand compliment after backhand compliment to Jake

The stair scene was a good representation of the loop in her mind of “i’m thinking of ending things”

Okay, I’m even more confused now because the mom just got younger

So the mom just died??? but the dad is regular aged?

Jake finally got the freaking chains!!

They finally left the house

It’s the next morning: I made it an hour and half in and fell asleep. The movie is too slow for me. I’ll keep the blog updated if I ever decide to finish it.











How Mirrors are Made

I’ve always been curious how mirrors are made, this video cleared some things up for me!


Library Scavenger Hunt

Something I like: I like the function and design of this chair

Something that isn’t a book: I like the video display of art, that students at Virginia Tech have composed

Something related to my major: My math homework :((


My Favorite Book

My favorite book is The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn. It was published in 1925, yet it is very timely. Shinn investigates the Laws of Metaphysics and applies them to real-life with stories and experiences she’s witnessed first hand. I like this book because Shinn writes with so much conviction that the reader has no option but to adopt her confidence. I definitely recommend this book to anyone going through an existential crisis. 

The Game of Life and How to Play It: Shinn, Florence Scovel: 9781614270799: Books


3D sculpture

This project was challenging because I had a hard time transforming the paper into a three dimensional medium. I started off with cutting shapes that resembled my drawing and then moved to creating four quadrants that represented the quadrants in my drawing.