Play to Make

Fall 2021


What Motivates Me

  • I love building things with user-guided machinery
    • Table saw, drill press, hammer
    • Not computer-guided like 3d printer or CNC
  • I am interested in Woodworking and would love to do a project that involves using woodworking equipment
    • Most of my previous projects utilize wood
    • Have experience with woodworking equipment
  • I take inspiration from objects humans placed in nature and nature itself
    • Buildings, bridges, and their landscape
    • Admire how designers blend art with structural design


Elements Of Design

Value- The shadow from the shed is cast upon the object underneath, contrasted with the brightness of the forest in the background.


Structure- The mesh grill covers the exterior of the speaker which gives a sleek design


Layers- The fishing line wraps around itself as it is reeled in


Strength- The curve of the bridge adds to the strength of the design


Proportions- The shape and spirit of the hokie are matched with the qualities of a pillow/pet


Definitions of Play

-Leaving room for creativity


-Instinctual started

-Active but in a relaxed way

-Self instructed


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