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Fall 2021


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I wasn’t sure what this class would be when I signed up for it, but I ended up really enjoying it.  During my freshman year of studio, I was adjusting from the STEM type classes I took in high school, so the transition to the more art and design related classes I was taking in college was not the smoothest for me.  Because of this, I really enjoyed revisiting the fundamentals of design, and I gained a lot of insight from the smaller projects and faster workflow than third year studio projects.



I would consider myself a very surface level music enjoyer.   I rarely ever listen to the discography of any artists, and instead of listening to albums I usually just listen to individual songs.  Also, I put in the minimum possible effort required to discover new music – I don’t really explore genres, eras, or artists.   In fact, almost all of the music I listen to comes from the spotify weekly recommended playlist.  Every week when it resets, I save a few of the songs that I liked the best onto one massive playlist that I have been adding to since I was in middle school.  This creates a really cool timeline of completely random music that plots the progression of what I was listening to throughout the last several years of my life.  When I listen to music, I almost always listen to this one gigantic playlist starting from the most recently saved song, so in the future, listening to a previously saved song reminds me of the point in time when I would hear it multiple times a day, every day for a couple weeks.


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I feel like this year is the first real spring we’ve had in the last two years.  My reasoning is that for students, springtime is normally associated with an end to the regiment of school and staying inside to avoid the cold weather and darkness of winter.  Last year we had a sort of reverse spring where despite the weather warming up and the summer approaching, we were staying inside more and preparing for the year-long coronavirus winter, but now,  for the first time since then, the feeling of sticking to a regiment coming to an end is taking place.  This might even be like a double spring, because the end of covid seems to be coinciding with the ordinary end of school and approach of summer.


Bibliography for short film

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Favorite movie

My favorite movie at the moment is a documentary called “American Movie”, where a documentary crew follows a man named Mark Borchardt and his quest to create a horror movie called “Coven”.  The documentary was filmed in the mid nineties, and documents everything surrounding the production of the movie including the Mark’s friends, family, struggles, and the charming midwestern setting where the movie takes place.   I enjoyed this movie so much because of the people involved – everyone has such a bold personality that the interactions they have are almost cartoonish (in the best possible way), and these small interactions along with interviews and plot points create a poetic narrative about goals and peoples’ natural desire to create artwork.

American Movie (1999) - IMDb



jelly beans

The process of making jelly beans is a lot longer and more complicated than I originally thought.  The first step involves creating a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, water, corn starch, and the flavor of the jelly bean being made.  Next, the beans are shaped into molds, and after solidifying, tossed in steel kettles, being rotated as sugar and food coloring are gradually added to build up the layer of colored coating on the outside.

Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Factory!! Fairfield, Ca. (Yes Way!...let's go!) |  Jelly bean factory, Jelly beans, Jelly belly beansLastly, the beans are given an outer coating of sugar and stamped with a food coloring logo, and left to cure for a set number of days depending on the flavor.

Official Factory Tours


library scavenger hunt

I went to newman library and found a blue book among a whole shelf of red books, which I thought made them stand out.  Following this, I spent about 20 minutes looking for the architecture section, when I realized that the architecture books are kept in the cowgill hall library.

I liked this picture because it looks like the viewer is completely surrounded by books.  Lastly, I took a picture of a reading nook in the corner of the library.