Play to Make

Fall 2021


Sourcing for my Film

My film was all firsthand documentation and firsthand capturing of the information. It retells my personal experience with a bigoted and hateful group while attempting to conduct interviews for my original film. The only outsourcing of information was a screenshot of the university statement that was published on April 1st.


Storyboard for Short Film

Inserted in this blog is a pdf link to my storyboard. The draft and the final product are very different in production; however, the message for both are the same and they were both meant to be informative pieces.

Storyboard for Play to Make



I love music and it is difficult to decide my favorite genre(s). My music selection is very dependent on my mood and I would consider it very versatile. I appreciate Rap/Hip-Hop, Alternative, Neo- R&B, Neo-Soul, and Indie music the most, so I will provide a list of a few of my favorite artists and my favorite song or album from them in each category.

Rap/Hip-Hop: Illmatic by Nas (album), 4:44 by Jay-Z (Album), Flower Boy by (Tyler, the Creator), Wunna (Deluxe) by Gunna (Album)

Alternative: Post Humorous by Gus Dapperton (song), Ice Melt by Crumb (album), Fuzzybrain by Dayglow (album), Apolonio by Omar Apollo, 1st Time by Bakar (song)

Neo-R&B/Neo-Soul: Isolation by Kali Uchis (album), A Seat at the Table by Solange (album), Gravity by Brent Faiyaz (song), Dragonball Durag Remix by Thundercat (song)

Indie: Coax & Botany by Gus Dapperton (song), Jinx by Crumb (album), Are You Bored Yet? by Wallows (song), The Slow Rush by Tame Impala (album)


Short Video

This blog is simply a link to a short video of my daily routine here in my dorm at Virginia Tech. I used simple cut edits that allowed a few seconds of recording at a time. Camera placements and transitions were set so that it provided continuation through the cut. Also, the music choice was one that was upbeat that matched my mood for the day.


Favorite Film

My favorite film is Judas and the Black Messiah. Starring Daniel Kaluuya and Lakieth Stanfield, it is a masterfully made production about an FBI informant for the Black Panthers. It is simply a must-watch, even if you do not have any prior knowledge about the Black Panthers and the FBI. It is also based on a true story, which makes the reality of the situation more heartwrenching.


My Favorite Book

My favorite book of all time is The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan, which is also a part of my favorite series, The Heroes of Olympus. I have always been interested in mythology of all sorts, whether it is Norse, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc. and this series and book is very representative of my childhood. The Mark of Athena specifically had a great cliffhanger that made me extremely eager for the next books in the series. My love for this style of writing has also expanded to the hopeful Lightning Thief Disney+ show.


3D Construction

I would like to focus on and research work with shadows and photos to best encapture shape and perspective. I believe a bigger figure would allow me to work with a shape more and lead to less crowding and more space for light to go through the object.

A challenge I encountered with photographing my pyramid was the size and closeness of the cuts. From this angle, you can see the shape protrude, but not too many shadows are visible.
This picture is similar to the first one where the issue is the ability for light to protrude the structure. However, I do like seeing the extrusion on the side.


My Favorite 2D Artist(s)

I have grown appreciative of art in all forms and in particular art from the graphic artist “Gallery Provence” and the popular shirt designer “JCrumb”. They each have different styles of art with Gallery Provence’s style being computerized and resembling an adult cartoon or comic, while JCrumb’s being freehanded and more lighthearted and resembling more kid cartoons. The colors for each artist’s style are varied with Gallery Provence’s being more natural and representative of a realistic surrounding, while JCrumb’s are less varied with the use of only 2-4 colors.

This is a display of JCrumb’s style, which are sold as shirts, sweaters, and stickers.
This is a display of Gallery Provence’s art style, typically done for rappers.


Elements of Photography

What makes a good photo? That answer is subjective, just like any other form of media. However, regardless of the apparent quality of a photo, each one has certain elements and principles that can be distinguished. Within this post will be a set of pictures all with intention in their capture.

Balance & Pattern
This picture of the entrance of Cochrane was taken in a manner to display the symmetry of the edifice. Moreover, the famed “Hokie Stone” puts for a pattern that agrees with the structural symmetry of the front.
This picture was captured to display emphasis. Emphasis within this photo of a tree is in its centered position and contrast against the lighter fore and back grounds.
This close-up of freshly fallen snow upon grass was solely to provide an emphasis on the actual texture. The texture is present in the unevenness of the snow cover as well as the individual formations on the blades of grass.
This photo of a barren tree is rather ominous, especially with the dull nature of the photo. Primarily, this photo was taken to display the difference in perspective and proportion due to the proximity of the tree opposed to Cassell Stadium
This picture was captured on accident, as I did not leave my phone long enough for the exposure to develop. However, I do like the blur effect with the lights that gives a sense of motion occurring within the picture. Color is also a small element present in this picture with the blur of the lights.


What Inspires Me?

The year of 2020 has been one filled with turmoil and unprecedented circumstances.  They consistently put their lives on the lines during a global pandemic, more importantly when people in higher roles of power mishandled the situation. Doctors, nurses, and scientists alike put themselves at risk for countless hours in order to treat and learn about an illness that they had little to no knowledge about. The act of selflessness and determination is what resonates with me, as a small pocket of individuals has continued to be overwhelmed as the pandemic strains our healthcare system. These group of people should be viewed as heroes as they will be the group most responsible with helping the world steer out of this dark time for the world.