Play to Make

Fall 2021


Photography lessons


Keep in mind how different objects in the image draw your attention and try to balance the photo around the objects. Don’t have objects in the picture that aren’t what the photo is about (edges of your frame or a window)

This photo haw the tree limb and the smoke stacks on either side of the center balancing out the picture.


Keep your lighting soft/diffused so it isn’t too strong on one spot.

Here the lighting back lights the objects,but doesn’t prevent you from seeing the objects well.


5 Examples at Virginia Tech

Even though this isn’t finished, the design of the of the structure is still interesting. The steel beams highlight the grid and structure of the design.
The Pylons are a great example of focusing perspective. The Pylons border the view and the empty space of the drill field draws your eyes onto the cenotaph.
Burruss hall is an example of design that focuses on depth. As the building rises the structure falls back creating depth. This effect is highlighted at night as ground lights shine skyward casting shadows on the Hall.
The exterior of Lane stadium is an example of the use of patterns as the towers that separate each section.
The arches of Cassell coliseum show how different shapes can change the look of a building. In this case the building extends more and pops more than it would without the arches.


Design from home

My house is on a river and there is a bridge right in front of it that has an interesting design. The bridge is made of large stones that make walls on the shore and protrude into the flow of the river. The bridge is a common spot for people to jump into the water to cool off in the summer. The design of the bridge restricts the size of the river’s path causing the current to drastically speed up under the bridge making it unique.


What does play mean?

Play can mean multiple things based on the context of the word’s use. From organized games to works of drama.

The most common use of play refers to physical activities during a game.
Another form of play is physical activities that aren’t organized in a game.
Play can also refer to games that don’t require physical activities like board games or video games.
Play is also used to describe theatrical dramas and musical performances.
Word play is a form of literary expression that is used for amusement.