Play to Make

Fall 2021


Photography Research

First Concept: Light and Shadow

Alan Schaller Street Photography

Photo By Allan Schaller

I really love the way Allan Schaller really focuses in on the medium of shadow and light. He is able to play a lot with the transitions allowing his photos to show very intricate detail with only one range.

Second Concept: Focal Length

This gif explains how changing focal length impacts a portrait - DIY  Photography

These sets of photos accurately shows how much and image can be influenced by the focal length of a camera. As an industrial designer that constantly plays with the perspective of sketches and products I feel that this concept would give my photos more detail and drama.

Third Concept: Exposure

Long Exposure Photography Examples and Settings »

Exposure is a concept I think would really take me out of my comfort zone since I’m used to photographing static objects. I feel that it would give my photographs a more dynamic edge as well as be able to photography more things on natrue.


What do I want to do?

Recently during quarantine I had been spending lots of time at my grandmothers who lives close by to me. She has a large yard with a house that backs up to the woods. There were many trees that fell in storms this summer and I began to collect the wood chopping some into firewood but I also began to build things with some of it. I enjoyed working with the material and started to lean through experience about the properties of it; how it changes, the different types, hardness, etc. I would enjoy working in some way with wood for a part of this class. I would say that math is something influences my design. I have always enjoyed math and I find it interesting the ways it can contribute to art and design.


Piece of Public Art

Liquid Shard Footage Set to Classical Music - YouTube

Liquid Shard in Los Angles – By Patrick Shearn from Kinetic Poetic

I really love fluid sculpture and find that they often are widely loved by many. The Liquid shard went Viral in 2019 because of its captivating and surreal movement. Using extremely light weight fabric that has been interwoven with reflective slits of plastic allow for the art installation to play with light, form and space freely and uniquely. The constant fluctuation and seamless natural flow of this fabric are really what make it unique and one of my personal favorite art pieces.


5 Types of Play

Physical Play – Involving the practice and use of physical skills.

Examples: Sports, Physical Games, Dance

Physical activity for young children | Raising Children Network

Mental Play – Involving creative or strategic thought processes

Examples: Brain Games, Riddles, Board games, Strategy Games

Why does white always go first in chess?

Subconscious Play –  Involving passive thinking or movement influenced by the subconscious

Examples: Doodling, Fidgeting

Doodle Magic | Basic & Fun Techniques | Udemy

Social Play: Involves practice of social skills, role finding within a group of individuals

Examples: Making new friends, conversations, recess

4-Year-Old Behavior: Social Milestones Before Age 5 -

Skill Play: Involves an individual practicing, experimenting, or improving a new skill

Examples: Sports, Music, Dance, ArtBest Soccer Balls For Juggling - Top Corner Magazine


3D Modeling

As a former engineering student, I’ve actually done a lot of 3D printing in the past, but it’s honestly been a while since I’ve done so. Specifically in high school, as part of a group project, I made a chess piece of a character from the video game Undertale, and as awesome as it turned out, it was small and fell out of my bag and is unfortunately gone forever. I thought I had the file saved on a flash drive, but it turns out I had actually saved it to my school account’s cloud, which was promptly axed right after I graduated.

Something that I’m interested in is recreating this chess piece, both in the original way I created it (by basically going pixel by pixel making grooves into the model) and by free hand.


What Do I Want to Do?

Having now have experienced working with various mediums in the past and during my Play2Make class, the question I now face, is what next can I take the time to work with more or learn?

[What materials do you want to use? What influences your design?]

As an artist and as a person that wants to do it all, I’ve experimented with multiple mediums of art. And on my own  I’ve worked with:

  • Color Pencils
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Acrylic
  • Cardboard
  • Wood

During Play 2 Make, I got to work with materials I knew of, but restrictions made those materials a bit difficult to work with. Those two materials being: Paper and Clay.