Moscow Metro{3}

The Moscow metro signified one of the first and greatest public work projects undertaken by the Stalin in Soviet Russia, completed in 1935. Currently the Metro has 12 lines, 195 stations and services over 6 million riders a day. The metro began operation on May 15th, 1935 and opened as a monument to Soviet working class success, rivaling the metros of other countries such as France, Germany, and England.

The metro was designed and named after the project manager Lazar Kaganovich. British engineers were implemented in the construction and actual process of developing a metro system for the Moscow underground. Moscow has an a-typical geological sub-layer system that created a constant challenge for engineers to overcome the variable conditions of earthen materials.


First passengers 1935

Essentially, what was to be done in Moscow has never been done before, as the undergrounds in previously constructed metros exhibited a more homogeneous geological structuring. The ability to adapt and overcome lends to the greatness of the Moscow metro system and understanding the obstacles that the Soviets overcame at a rate that was comparably more efficient and productive then their capitalist counterparts.

The expansion of the metro continued into the cold war and took upon itself the dual purpose of being bomb shelters and nuclear fallout centers for the city of Moscow.

Kiev Station art in Moscow

Kiev Station art in Moscow

The metro held great significance for the party and the people of Russia. This excerpt taken from the “Report Metrostoi Party and Government” is from the day prior to the opening of the Metro, May 14th, 1935.

“High distinction, given by the Government to the builders of underground, poured into them more power for further work on the construction of socialism.Long live the Communist Party, under the leadership of which are lagging behind and uncultured pre-revolutionary Russia was transformed into a great prosperous country tips!Long live Comrade Stalin – leader and organizer of the world proletariat, leading us to victory!”


“We have a metro” 1935

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