Our copier just decided to stop working when we have 1500 exams to print. Argh. Technology.’s been a stressful week, but then I realize that life is good here in Blacksburg. Remembering the victims of Boston (and of course our own anniversary of April 16th) put everything in perspective.

So what is this post doing here on the New Media blog? How is our relationship with media shaping these events? Google person search is letting families find each other, wow..Technology.

Will the media coverage and all the posts on social media lead to a copy cat phenomena? Or will it lead to a sense of solidarity and connectedness?

And what about digital forensics? Authorities are asking for all the spectator footage, but it turns out that we don’t have a centralized system for folks to upload these videos and the mass amounts of digital video and images taken by spectators as well as by government and business cameras will need to be collected, processed into one format, then watched and coded manually…by HUMANS. What? We don’t have an algorithm for that? Where are you, technology?

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