Day 40/-1: I wonder if anyone wants to go look at churches with me

So it’s our last day of the trip and we have the afternoon free to explore Copenhagen.  If you’ve been a faithful reader of the blog, you should have an idea what I did.  Yup, Laura and I, (now with her finance Ben who flew in) wandered the streets of Copenhagen looking for sites to see, including various closed churches.

Admittedly, it was late in the afternoon, but Laura, Ben and I went 0 for 3 on churches, bringing our trip average down to well under 50%.


I can’t tell if Laura is sad over the church being closed, or is already missing her now former classmates.

Maybe it was trip fatigue setting in, or maybe it was the heat, but I didn’t find Copenhagen to be that exciting of a city. We visited Nyhavn, and saw a few other sites, but Copenhagen just didn’t impress me as a European capital city. It had all the bustle of Rome or London, but didn’t have the offsetting cultural activities. Maybe I would have thought different if some of th cathedrals had been open, or if we would have time to visit an art museum, but I was underwhelmed with Copenhagen, and I don’t expect to be going back for a while.

There were a lot fewer people at the Legoland version of Nyhavn.