Tunnel Travel

Alfred Escher, well known by the Swiss as a lawyer, politician, business leader and railway entrepreneur is to thank for what I am anticipating to be a major highlight during my trip to Switzerland. Escher developed the Gotthard Railway, establishing a much needed north-south route of the Swiss. The St. Gotthard Rail Tunnel is approximately 10.5 miles in length, making it the third-longest road tunnel in the world (behind Norway’s Laerdal Tunnel and China’s Zhongnanshan Tunnel). The tunnel was opened in 1980 to help meet the needs of the automobile traffic between Switzerland and Italy, among other reasons. As the departure date approaches and the reality begins to settle in I have started focusing on the experiences that will help to make my experience amazing. Taking the time to learn more about Alfred Escher and the St. Gotthard Rail Tunnel is one simple way to appreciate something much larger than myself. Tunnel travel in Switzerland will be much more than just another day on the road, it will be an experience of appreciate for the hard work and efforts that were combed to make this tunnel a major part of the Swiss culture and history. For those who are interested feel free to take a virtual ride through the tunnel check out the YouTube video below.


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