Strawberry Roubarb Jam & Other Familiar Tastes From Home

Today marked the last day in Basel, as we journeyed onward to Riva. The morning began with a delicious breakfast including some familiar tasting strawberry roubarb jam (strawberry roubarb pie is one of my mom’s favorite desserts), croissants, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs. Other familiar tastes from home were discussed during the debriefing from the day before, including the similarities of the Swiss and French educational systems, the language used to discuss specific student groupings, etc. The conversation this morning was insightful as always, providing support for the amazing learning experiences that have already taken place and for those to come. From the inner workings and outlines of the Swiss and French education systems to the lectures on and about nano science, environmental sustainability, physics, and so many more.

Now we begin the third and final chapter of the 2014 GPP experience, a week of learning, lectures, tours, collaboration, and research in Riva San Vitale. We christened our trip with a scoop of gelato and a stroll around the beautiful town. On to Milan, Italy tomorrow!









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