Social Media in Higher Education

I found an interesting article ( which summarizes an annual survey by the Babson Survey Research Group and Pearson on social media use by higher education faculty (the survey is conducted annually since 2009 and the 2013 version can be found under

Besides the upsides and new possibilities of social media the results of the survey also showed concerns. One point mentioned is that "[f]aculty believe that online and mobile technologies can be distracting, and that they have resulted in longer working hours and more stress". I guess this is not only true for faculty but can also be true for students since with the technology there are no real break times anymore and your class is always "online" and . This comes along with the concept of the "enhanced classroom" which increases the possibility for communication between faculty and students and helps to create a better learning environment. I think in the end it is all a question of the right measure, which shows that faculty as students also need to be educated about the use of social media itself.

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