Potatoes Are Meant For Sharing

The first day of GPP has come and gone…and I’m sure the rest of the trip will fly by just as quickly. Today began with an great breakfast at the Hotel St. Josef where I was introduced to my newfound breakfast obsession, Bircher Muelsi (the background and recipe can be found at the following link: http://mylittlegourmet.com/breakfast/bircher-muesli/). After my power breakfast I took off with a few fellow GPP participants to run our way up the mountain top to find some gravel running trails. After much running (and walking) uphill, around curvy roads, and through neighborhoods we made it to the Zurich Zoo, with the trails not far behind. We took in a few trails and stopped to take in an amazing view of the Alps then we headed back down the mountain. Lunch was next on the list so we returned to the medieval fair for a bratwurst (which was absolutely amazing). The day could not have had a better start. Sooner than we knew it and the GPP group was meeting “at the Hotel St. Josef on Sunday at 3pm”. Another moment of surrealness set in as the group I had prepared with in Blacksburg around a table in the graduate conference room were all together again in Zurich sitting around a patio table outside of St. Josef. During our seminar today we were able to discuss our personal topics and we reviewed the questions we hoped to get answered during our trip. We discussed the history, fun facts, and overall information of the two universities we would be visiting while in Zurich, the University of Zurich and ETH. My group briefed the group on the University of Zurich and some of the highlights are in the photo file below. After our inaugural meeting abroad it was time for dinner-fondue and raclette. Another first checked off the list, and another amazing experience to add to the list. We shared potatoes, food, wine, and stories, but most importantly we shared our first bonding experience as the 2014 GPP group. With that said, goodnight…tomorrow with be a day filled with learning, walking, seeing, eating, and so much more.



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