Hello everyone!

For my first post I just want to say hi! I am excited to go on the Global Perspectives trip with all of you. If you are interested in learning more about me, click the ‘About-Me’ link at the top. … Continue reading

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to the blog I have created  for our Preparing the Future Professoriate: Global Perspectives Switzerland 2012 trip! I am thrilled to have been selected to participate in this wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to sharing everything about … Continue reading

Here goes…

Welcome to my blog for the Preparing the Future Professoriate Global Perspectives 2012 Switzerland trip. First lesson learned: I never want to type all that again, so that’s why we shorten it to PFP Switzerland. This blog is where I will share other lessons and insights from before, during, and after the trip. I’ve titled […]

Hi all!!

Welcome to my blog for our PFP Global Perspectives trip to Switzerland!! I am really excited about this higher education adventure, and looking forward to share the experience with you!! Info about me, preparation for the trip, tips, and thoughts … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my newly-created PFP Switzerland 2012 blog!  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and perceptions with you here as our adventure through European higher education develops. As way of introduction, I am a wildlifer.  While the term “wildlifer” … Continue reading