It’s here!

Yup.  That’s my passport.  I’m really surprised it came so quickly!  I’m so unbelievably excited and ready to book my flights!  Speaking of flights, I would really like someone to fly to and from with.  It doesn’t have to be both, but I have only flown once, and it was only to and from Chicago.  […]

Step 1: Tickets purchased!

I’m happy to say that I’ve decided on an itinerary and purchased tickets to travel across the pond! My “cousins” (everyone’s a cousin in Hawaii-speak) live just outside of Zurich, so I’ll spend a few days with them ahead of the trip and then join up with the group. Although I very briefly visited Lucerne […]

Global Perspectives x 4

Within the last two weeks, I have had the pleasure of interacting with multiple groupings of individuals who have or will participate in the Preparing the Future Professoriate: Global Perspectives program.  The initial meeting of the 2012 Global Perspectives group … Continue reading

The adventure begins… sort of…

My family doesn’t really travel.  No epic road trips to the grand canyon or Disney World for me.  We did take trips, but they were generally to Virginia Beach and/or Busch Gardens.  The biggest trip I’ve taken was a 2 hour flight to Chicago for research.  I didn’t even get to see anything while I […]