Project 21(s)

Was trolling around the student organization page on U of Zurich’s website and ran across Project 21, which concerns itself with interdisciplinary efforts towards sustainability within and beyond the University.  Pretty cool.  Unfortunately, the org.’s page is in German (and … Continue reading

Mission Statements

Hi all! After a great meeting on Tuesday, I decided to get started with some research on the universities we’ll be visiting. As you may recall, one of the first assignments of the PFP course was finding mission statements, so … Continue reading

Facebook Group

Morning all!
I’ve gone ahead and created a facebook group for the trip. Easiest way to find it is probably to do a search for “Global Perspectives 2012 – Switzerland”.
Let me know if you have any trouble finding it.

The meaning of global

At a recent conference of international educators (AIEA –, representatives from VT, University of Basel and the Swiss Embassy in Washington DC served on a panel on the topic of global graduate education.  The focus of the discussion was on … Continue reading

A Big Day for Basel

Well, at least for FC Basel supporters (which I imagine is the majority of the city, particularly after today). In addition to dealing with the chaos following recent winter weather, the whole of Europe is also deeply immersed in the final stages of the UEFA Champions League (click the preceding words to be directed to the UCL…