Feeling only mildly panicked, I believe I have just succeeded in setting up my blog – hoorah and thank you Justin for your guidance. Now for the next step – connecting to the Central PFP Switzerland blog…

From game management to conservation

I started to do some preliminary web research on natural resources programs at several of the universities we will be visiting.  I was glad to see that most universities (especially those geared toward research) had some kind of environmental sciences … Continue reading

Hello my fellow PFP/GPP participants

Last week, we had the kick-off input seminar for this year’s Global Perspectives Programme. So what you at Virginia Tech might refer to as PFP, we in Basel call GPP. So much an terminology. We had to mostly inspiring and … Continue reading

Sorbonne and Strasbourg

Two great universities – the Sorbonne (Paris – Sorbonne University) and the University of Strasbourg.  Each has a long history and rich traditions.   Visiting each of these recently only reinforced their place in history of higher education, especially French higher … Continue reading

Project 21(s)

Was trolling around the student organization page on U of Zurich’s website and ran across Project 21, which concerns itself with interdisciplinary efforts towards sustainability within and beyond the University.  Pretty cool.  Unfortunately, the org.’s page is in German (and … Continue reading

I recieved my US passport!

As Dean DePauw as alluded to in our meetings, I was born in Sweden. However, last year I became an American citizen. It was a very happy occasion for me and my family. Recently I received my first United States … Continue reading