Comparative view of French and Swiss universities

An excerpt from the presentation made by Dr. Beat Münch, Head of the Rector’s Office, University of Basel, at the GPP 2012 Input Seminar. His full notes are available on the Scholar site – GPP.doc. ‘On the level of the … Continue reading

Academia is a…

‘In many other lines of work, people with interesting CVs who gathered experiences in different fields and in a variety of jobs, are especially valued employees. In academia, they’re not welcome. In some respects, academia is a closed, self-sustaining and … Continue reading

A chance to meet a collaborator on her home turf!

With only two months before we leave for Switzerland, I am working to arrange time to meet with a collaborator, Dr. Tamar Kohn, at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry. It will be great to finally … Continue reading

Indeed a Great Programme Preparation (GPP) :)

We had a splendid entry into the GPP last week here in sunny Basel. Many new ideas, new faces and new experiences made the time totally worth it. Knowing more about the US, French and Swiss education systems were thorough eye-openers. We also had an opportunity to get to know your profiles briskly and do […]

I booked my flights! My itinerary!

I booked my flight for Global Perspectives today. Here is my rough outline for those of you interested in going to Rome before our group travels. Tuesday May 15: Fly out of Chicago. Transfer in NYC. Land in Rome on … Continue reading

A global perspective on higher education

I wanted to share a brief, interesting article I read about the growing global presence and influence of many universities today.  The article also raises the question of what role higher education should play in international relations.