The Ethics of Sight-Seeing: Connections & a Reflection

There are other sorts of beauty on this globe, but this sort of beauty is fully realized here. This sort of beauty cannot get any more beautiful, any more detailed, any more rich or perfect. -Juliana Spahr, This Connection of Everyone With Lungs.   I wander. As early as middle school my interest in connecting […]

Smells of GPP’16

Before leaving for the Global Perspectives trip, we were repeatedly warned that we’d find ourselves a bit more sweaty and smelly than we are used to in formal settings.  It was also made clear that it was more or less okay over there. Summer is hot, and wearing a suit in a place that doesn’t bother with air conditioning … Continue reading Smells of GPP’16

Community, Culture, and Conversations

I’m struggling to put into words all that I learned during my recent visit to Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy to learn about higher education. But I will try to highlight some of the lasting lessons that I took away. I’m a pretty quiet person to begin with, and when I travel, I am even quieter. I try to blend in and not stand out in new places. I prefer to observe what is going on around me as…

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GPPSwiss16: People!

It’s not easy to write about reflections of our recent #GPPSwiss16 trip, given that I’ve spent long time since I came back in thinking about lots of personal reflections. Trying to collect, organize, prioritize, or categorize these thoughts would be a hard task, so I decided to just sit down, and write! Before travelling, I […]

Arts Collisions and the Global Perspectives Program

The Global Perspectives Program was an amazing opportunity to learn about the Swiss education system and to gain new perspectives and insights into European education. As a member of the GPP, I spent two and a half weeks touring numerous universities in Switzerland, Italy, and France. Along the way, I couldn’t help but notice the […]

Environmental stewardship in Swiss culture

During our travels in Switzerland, I enjoyed observing how deeply ingrained environmental stewardship is in Swiss culture. I really enjoyed discussing the topic with Daniela from Villa Maderni. She told me that children in Switzerland learn about environmental stewardship in school as early as kindergarten. She said they learn that in a region of mountains, […]