Only 2 weeks away

It’s hard to believe the semester is winding down, finals have begun, and the sun is finally shining.  As the trip to Switzerland becomes closer, I grow more excited by the day.  What an amazing opportunity for a group of graduate students to come together for a common cause and learn about higher education abroad.  I can already see some lifetime friendships being born and we have already become close over the last few months.

This will really be my first time traveling abroad by myself.  Language barriers, different culture, and uncertainty.  Very exciting though.  I think this learning experience is quite unique.  I think we will learn a tremendous amount about the Swiss culture and education, but will also learn about ourselves.  I want to step outside my comfort zone and immerse myself in the culture, the language and the FOOD.

Time to get ready to pack, get the passport in the bag, and meet at Hotel St. Josef in Zurich, Switzerland.  Can’t wait!

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