On the Eve of Departure

So the title is a little misleading because I don’t actually leave for three more days, but with all the preparation that has gone into the trip, three days is a blink of an eye. At this point I am extremely excited and frantically trying to get organized. Dry cleaners, bookstores, banks, and emails have set the tone to this point. I am looking forward to Friday when I can stop preparing and just go. Of course life doesn’t stop just because I have a trip. My adviser wants a revision to my proposal prior to my departure and the company that I consult for has some work they have asked me to complete before Friday. Although I can’t stand international flights (to me, sitting for 8 hours is a nightmare), getting on the plane signifies I am done with all the prep and ancillary work and I am off to Europe.

This will be my final post prior to departure, SEE YOU IN ZURICH!

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