Learning Revolution!….in Delta Sky Mag?

As I have finally started tackling sorting the rest of my stuff from the trip, I found the Delta Sky Magazine. Now why did I liberate the May edition do you ask?  As I was bypassing the many advertisements for the undoubtedly previously used puzzles in an attempt to occupy myself after we were no longer allowed to use our portable electronics, I stumbled on an article that was actually worth reading. There was an article called “Learning Revolution” by Steve Calechman that grabbed my attention. Sure enough, this magazine talked about many of the topics we endeavored to look into. The topics about higher education mentioned in the article range from a “new role for teachers”, “no more one-stop course shopping”, “learning will be customized”, “technology is the medium, not the answer”, and finally “we’ve got a long way to go”.  The topics were from interviews with professors, vice provosts, and department directors, all who realize that technology has a role in our future but more importantly, they acknowledge that the systems and the teaching strategies will have to change with this “revolution” of education.

I found a link for the article that I’ve posted below so hopefully you will enjoy it.


Ironically, there are two articles following the above article that are also about topics we mentioned briefly: “The Money Smart Degree” and “Training Games”.  I can’t find a link to online articles for those but, like I said, I have the magazine and am willing to let anyone interested take a look, make copies, etc.