Hi again!!!

I know I have been very bad at posting, but I promise I will get into it from now on!!!

So, we are all already in Zürich and today we visited the first 2 Universities from the program: University of Zürich and ETH Zürich. In the Swiss higher ed system, both of them are considered Universities, as opposed to an Applied Sciences University. They offer bachelors, masters and PhDs, but the “professional level” of education is not considered to be achieved until finishing a masters, so bachelor and masters are like a continuous program. It was also very surprising to learn that the percentage of international professors is very high (50% and 70%), but we have to consider that being in Europe you just have to travel a couple of hours to be in a different country.

On a different subject, the hotel is nice, food has been incredible, and the group is getting along very well, so it has been very nice to share this experience with them. I expect the rest of the trip to be wonderful!! Tomorrow to Strasbourg and Basel!!! :D