New Cure for Monolingualism!

For those of us headed off on the GPP in a few months, check out Mango, a language learning program hosted by the Newman Library. Brush up on your German, French or Italian (sorry, no Romansh!). Or if you’re already fluent in all of them, try something new. You know, like learning to speak Pirate!

A fistful of PhDs…

Inspired by the Nature article entitled “The PhD Factory“, I thought that I would write about this topic that hits so close to home for me: the growing number of PhDs being awarded in the U.S and around the world. … Continue reading

Celebrating Change!

It is exciting and overwhelming to talk about change in Higher Education, although it is hard to deal with change , it is something that we can’t control neither stop. Change is good , even when we  can’t see it. A change  on higher education is really needed. The society’s problems have become complex and […]

Doodles and other musings of the mind

Some years ago now, a colleague of mine wrote about conditions for graduate study which not only influenced my thinking in the 1980s but still resonate today.  I have recalled these conditions and used to share them often with others … Continue reading