GPP14: Day 2 – UZH, ETHZ, and the Swiss Education System

It seemed like a very long day, but yet it was over before we know it. Day 2 of GPP14 had a super packed itinerary, as we visited both University of Zurich (UZH) as well as the Swiss Federal Institute … Continue reading

GPP2014: Day 1 – Of course, after that came dessert.

Here we are. After a whole semester of preparing and building up, the 2014 Global Perspective Program (GPP2014) cohort has arrived at our first destination: Zurich, Switzerland. Thus begin our wonderful journey to explore higher education in a global context. … Continue reading

Potatoes Are Meant For Sharing

The first day of GPP has come and gone…and I’m sure the rest of the trip will fly by just as quickly. Today began with an great breakfast at the Hotel St. Josef where I was introduced to my newfound breakfast obsession, Bircher Muelsi (the background and recipe can be found at the following link: […]

On the morning of departure…

Today, our amazing journey abroad is starting. We have prepared ourselves during the past weeks to open our minds to a global perspective. Being active members of the learning community and especially future faculty members, we are in need to bridge the gaps of mutual understanding and cooperation in a global arena. But, in order […]

In the wee hours after the eve of departure… which I suppose is basically departure.

Less than 3 hours before my flights leaves Barcelona and I feel like I’ve already experienced enough emotions and reflection-inducing experiences to make this the solid start of quite the adventure. I’ll try to give you the in-a-nutshell version which as a write will probably turn into longer than you want… We left Blacksburg much […]