U.S. Colleges vs. World

On the fourth of July holiday, it seems little un-American to post an article questioning if America really is the best in higher education…but patriotism aside, I thought this article was interesting. In a recent New York Times piece, Kevin … Continue reading

Social Media in Higher Education

I found an interesting article ( which summarizes an annual survey by the Babson Survey Research Group and Pearson on social media use by higher education faculty (the survey is conducted annually sinc…

In Defense of the Ivory Tower

Obligatory tower photo: Truly, those are words I never thought I would write. Perhaps a more accurate title would be, “A Particularly Limited and Nuanced Partial Defense of the the Ivory Tower,” but let’s face it, that’s pretty wishy-washy. For the last two weeks, it has been my honor and privilege to participate in Virginia […]

“The Affects of Changing Waistlines: How will Higher Education Change to Combat the Obesity Epidemic”

How does the expanding waistlines of the global population affect the future of higher education? What can be done to address the obesity epidemic in global higher education? What alternatives are there to the system used in the United States? Is the system used in the states a role model for other countries to follow? […]

Strawberry Roubarb Jam & Other Familiar Tastes From Home

Today marked the last day in Basel, as we journeyed onward to Riva. The morning began with a delicious breakfast including some familiar tasting strawberry roubarb jam (strawberry roubarb pie is one of my mom’s favorite desserts), croissants, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs. Other familiar tastes from home were discussed during the debriefing from the […]