Mohammed Seyam

GPPSwiss16: People!

It’s not easy to write about reflections of our recent #GPPSwiss16 trip, given that I’ve spent long time since I came back in thinking about lots of personal reflections. Trying to collect, organize, prioritize, or categorize these thoughts would be a hard task, so I decided to just sit down, and write! Before travelling, I […]

The Eve of Departure!

Some days just need to be 48 hours long! The past days have been full of excitement on different levels. However, this specific night is when everything should come together to form a “plan”! I’ve been thinking a lot about my first days in Europe, and how would the experience would be like, especially that […]

Preliminary Thoughts about Switzerland

Among the many interesting facts that have been shared about Switzerland during our preparation sessions, three have caught my attention: The two-track education system with no given “higher-ranks” to any of both. I believe that this doesn’t only enhance the education system, but it helps the society be self-sufficient when it comes to the large number […]