Mallory B Taylor

Tunnel Travel

Alfred Escher, well known by the Swiss as a lawyer, politician, business leader and railway entrepreneur is to thank for what I am anticipating to be a major highlight during my trip to Switzerland. Escher developed the Gotthard Railway, establishing a much needed north-south route of the Swiss. The St. Gotthard Rail Tunnel is approximately 10.5 […]

Transformative Education-The Global Perspectives Program Experience

Transformative education is a powerful term. It elicits a deeper understanding and a more holistic approach to learning about the topics at hand. As I prepare to take what I consider my second study abroad course I am reminded of how important transformative, experiential learning opportunities can be. An article published in the Journal of […]

“I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane”

I’m leaving on a jet plane in just about nine weeks, but unlike John Denver I know when I’ll be back. As a member of the 2014 Virginia Tech Global Perspectives Program I am preparing to leave the U.S. for two weeks to learn more about global higher education systems, specifically in Europe. During the […]