Mallory B Taylor

Strawberry Roubarb Jam & Other Familiar Tastes From Home

Today marked the last day in Basel, as we journeyed onward to Riva. The morning began with a delicious breakfast including some familiar tasting strawberry roubarb jam (strawberry roubarb pie is one of my mom’s favorite desserts), croissants, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs. Other familiar tastes from home were discussed during the debriefing from the […]

Potatoes Are Meant For Sharing

The first day of GPP has come and gone…and I’m sure the rest of the trip will fly by just as quickly. Today began with an great breakfast at the Hotel St. Josef where I was introduced to my newfound breakfast obsession, Bircher Muelsi (the background and recipe can be found at the following link: […]

Switzerland Soil

After a 5 hour drive (well really it was a ride…thanks again Eric), a grueling 8.5 hour flight, many shuttle rides, a short train ride, and a decent amount of walking, I am officially on Switzerland soil. It feels incredibly surreal to sit and type this post as I soak in the remaining rays of […]

On The Eve Of Departure

It has arrived, departure is only a few days away and I find myself is a place of great anticipation and excitement. I have packed and unpacked to ensure that I have all that I need (and no more). I have researched and explored as much as possible before leaving the comforts of home. I […]