Karen DePauw

Global citizens

In a recent article entitled “Global citizenship: What are we talking about and why does it matter?”, Madeleine F. Green offered her reflections about global citizenship.   The electronic version of the article traveling rapidly throughout the international education communities … Continue reading

Sorbonne and Strasbourg

Two great universities – the Sorbonne (Paris – Sorbonne University) and the University of Strasbourg.  Each has a long history and rich traditions.   Visiting each of these recently only reinforced their place in history of higher education, especially French higher … Continue reading

The meaning of global

At a recent conference of international educators (AIEA – http://www.aieaworld.org/), representatives from VT, University of Basel and the Swiss Embassy in Washington DC served on a panel on the topic of global graduate education.  The focus of the discussion was on … Continue reading