Back to Basics – Wikipedia at its best

While researching my topic of choice (diversity in higher education) I realized that there really was some terminology that I needed to be more familiar with (Matura, the specific Cantons, etc.). This lead me to a couple of useful wikipedia pages that I wanted to share: Swiss Universities by enrollment A prominent Swiss education reformer […]

Facebook Group

Morning all!
I’ve gone ahead and created a facebook group for the trip. Easiest way to find it is probably to do a search for “Global Perspectives 2012 – Switzerland”.
Let me know if you have any trouble finding it.

Step 1: Tickets purchased!

I’m happy to say that I’ve decided on an itinerary and purchased tickets to travel across the pond! My “cousins” (everyone’s a cousin in Hawaii-speak) live just outside of Zurich, so I’ll spend a few days with them ahead of the trip and then join up with the group. Although I very briefly visited Lucerne […]