Yesterday, we had the chance to visit SUPSI and USI, two of the most unique and neat instructions that we’ve seen so far on this trip. SUPSI is a school of  applied science while USI, a university, has the closest feel to small private college in the states. Both provided great opportunities for interaction, with […]

Hello, hallo, grüezi, bonjour, guten tag!

On Tuesday we were fortunate enough to hop across the border and visit a french institution of higher education – University of Strasbourg, or Unistra. The University has a rather interesting history, mostly from its mandated split into three universities, its reunification, and the handing over of control from the French government to university leaders. […]

Administrators, colleagues, and faculty… oh my!

Today we had the pleasure of visiting with colleagues, faculty, and administrators from the University of Zurich and ETH. Both were very interesting experiences, as much because of the similarities between schools as the differences. For instance, the academic standards seem to vary in ways because, for us, the first “cut” happens during the application […]

And we have begun!

We’ve been into the swing of things for only a few hours now, and it already feels like we’re rushing along! This afternoon, we met up at the Hotel St. Joseph and began our discussions on ETH and the Universi of Zurich. Initial impressions varied, but in general everyone was impressed by the general kindness […]

What do I mean by diversity?

As I’ve started to delve more into my research topic (the ways in which we institutionalize our desire for diversity), I’ve realized I need to be very specific about the type of diversity that I’m interested in. I’m not talking about diversity of universities, degrees, or programs. I am interested in the diversity of people […]