The Ethics of Sight-Seeing: Connections & a Reflection

There are other sorts of beauty on this globe, but this sort of beauty is fully realized here. This sort of beauty cannot get any more beautiful, any more detailed, any more rich or perfect. -Juliana Spahr, This Connection of Everyone With Lungs.   I wander. As early as middle school my interest in connecting […]

On the eve of returning…

Our days on this trip have been filled with seeing, listening, sharing, and walking. There has been a considerable amount of pushing and unlearning, asking and re-asking. It has been a constant practice of movement and I catch myself wondering, “is this real?’ and “how did I get here?” I believe it is worth noting […]

on the eve of departure: thoughts on sifting & distilling.

As I pack for Switzerland I am simultaneously packing everything else. Like many graduate students without summer funding, three months of the year open up a precariat reality. As a qualitative researcher currently working on an ethnographic project, this is an opportunity to travel and work. So, as I carefully plan outfits for Switzerland that […]