Mother dearest

Most of you have heard me mention my mom before in the monthly meetings and it may seem silly that at 25 my mom is so concerned about me, etc.  I’m an only child and she’s always been very over protective and she is scared to death that I’m going to go to Europe and […]

It’s here!

Yup.  That’s my passport.  I’m really surprised it came so quickly!  I’m so unbelievably excited and ready to book my flights!  Speaking of flights, I would really like someone to fly to and from with.  It doesn’t have to be both, but I have only flown once, and it was only to and from Chicago.  […]

The adventure begins… sort of…

My family doesn’t really travel.  No epic road trips to the grand canyon or Disney World for me.  We did take trips, but they were generally to Virginia Beach and/or Busch Gardens.  The biggest trip I’ve taken was a 2 hour flight to Chicago for research.  I didn’t even get to see anything while I […]


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