Jordan Hill

Jordan HillJordan Hill is a third year Ph.D. student in the ASPECT program (Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought), which is an interdisciplinary program that draws from the departments of History, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech.  His larger research interests circle around the issue of violence and its alternative in the modern world and his current project looks into the intersection of violence, memory, and national identity in the United States.  He has taught courses in the History, Religious Studies, Humanities, and Sociology departments as well as being a certified mindfulness/meditation instructor.  Jordan’s first book publication, Intentionally Interdisciplinary, was just released in its second edition by the Association for Integrated Studies in the fall of 2011.  At the undergraduate level Jordan studied Film Production at the Colorado Film & Video Institute before transferring to the University of Colorado where he received a BA in Sociology.  He received his MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the Interdisciplinary Studies department at Naropa University, which is the United States only Buddhist university.  Jordan has travelled widely throughout South and Central America as well as in Eastern and Western Europe and has varying levels of social proficiency in Spanish (best), French (moderate), and Portuguese (beginner).