Small world

We were standing in line waiting for the Funicular to carry us (and many others) up the hill to see the Virgin Mary.  We had enjoyed our first lunch together and traveled by foot and metro to the base of the mountain.  It was a sunny and hot day and we anticipated that the view would be wonderful.  It was.

I was watching those who had returned from their journey to the top.  A familiar face appeared among them.  No, it couldn’t be.  How would it be possible that we would run into someone I knew from VT let along one who had attended the PFP Global in Switzerland a few years ago.  Why would she be in Santiago?  I called her name.  She heard her name but reacted as if it couldn’t be possible that someone she knew would be calling her name.  Linsey I called and yes, Linsey Barker and her husband Eric (Erik or Erich – I didn’t catch the spelling) had been visiting Santiago while on their honeymoon.  We chatted for a while and learned that they were returning to the U.S. last evening on the same day we had arrived.  It is definitely a small world.  Safe travels, Global Perspectives participants.