Program Overview

The Global Perspectives Program in Chile represents a welcome expansion of the Global Perspectives framework. The Global Perspectives Program was developed in 2005 by the Graduate School and offered through Virginia Tech’s educational facility in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. The purpose of the GPP Chile program remains the same – to prepare future faculty members with a global perspective of higher education but we will experience this visit in new ways.

The 2012 program is the initial program in Latin America to gather first hand knowledge about higher education in Chile through our visits to three important Chilean universities (for more information, see links to each university), discussions with Chilean faculty, administrators, and students, and dialogue among the group members.  Six PhD students were selected to participate in the program:  Angela Anderson, C.L. Bohannon, Margo Duckson, Jordan Hill, Justin Shanks, and Adam Smith.  Our group also includes Karen P. DePauw, Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education and John Dooley, CEO and Secretary Treasurer of The Virginia Tech Foundation (former Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs).  Our experience began with monthly meetings in the Fall 2011 and on January 7, 2012 we depart for Santiago, Chile to visit our partner institutions: Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad de Chile, and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Through the GPP Chile experience, each of us will enhance our knowledge and understanding of global higher education, gain a cultural understanding of the context for higher education in Chile, engage with new colleagues for our professional endeavors and grow personally and professionally.