Angela Anderson

1. My research is in metabolism, specifically in altered metabolism during cancer progression. I am more of a metabolism person than I am a cancer person. Cancer metabolism is a small field and so I doubt that I will be able to connect with someone that exactly works in my field. However, dysregulated metabolism also covers obesity. Although I don’t directly work in obesity, my lab does and I am exposed to it daily. I would be very interested in meeting with anyone who does research in obesity. In the United States, adult and childhood obesity rates are rising and the current generation is not predicted to outlive their parents for the first time because of the co-morbidities that are associated with obesity including type II diabetes, heart disease, etc. I know that Austral has a Vet school and a medical school and there may be research that is associated with type II diabetes that would be interesting. Although I work primarily in “lab” science, I would be very interested in any community programs that are working to combat obesity. Because I do not know what the obesity rates are like in Chile, I would be really interested to talk with doctors that are affected by obesity, while working with patients.

2. My second goal is to spend some time understanding what higher education looks like in Chile. What is their teaching load? How do they obtain research funding? What kinds of things do they do for service? How many classes do graduate students take and which ones? How do they teach: lecture, exams, projects, homework? What do they think works well and what would they like to change.

3. My last goal is that I want to experience the culture. I would like to eat the food, drink the wine, run through local neighborhoods. I would like to see how people live, how their family structures are different or the same to ours, understand how religion plays a part in their culture. I would like to visit a couple places that people from Santiago would say is a “must see.”