Adam Smith

1) Adam’s research revolves around weed management in agriculture.  He has done work in both conventional and organic agriculture, working with several different production systems.  He has completed research regarding cover crop use, cultural practices such as rotations, cultivar selection, tillage and reduced tillage, etc…, the use of herbicide technology, and the integration of those tactics to maximize weed control.  Adam is interested in creating agronomic production systems that utilize a variety of different weed control tactics that reduce the need for non-renewable resources and create systems that are essentially sustainable.  He also works in herbicide resistance.  In recent years, herbicide resistance has become a pressing problem, jeopardizing the efficacy of some of the best weed control options available.   Adam works with several different weed biotypes that express resistance to glycine and ALS inhibiting herbicides.   Adam’s research involves the confirmation of resistance, the physiological mechanism that allows for resistance, and the management of resistance.  He is interested in Chilean agriculture, the country’s major crops and products, the country’s major weed concerns, standard weed control practices, and herbicide resistance within the country.

2) Adam is also interested in the perceptions of higher education in Chile.  He wants to explore the cultural expectations surrounding a college education, the social norms within a college setting, and what role a college education plays in Chilean society.  Adam is also interested in higher education and their responsibilities to the larger society, more specifically to Chilean agriculture and whether higher education supports an agricultural extension program.  Additionally, he wants to learn about the organization of higher education in Chile and the logistics of obtaining a college degree.

3) Last but not least, Adam is excited to explore the country and its culture.  He hopes to improve his Spanish via his interactions with numerous individuals.  Adam is looking forward to experiencing Chile’s gastronomic specialties, music, and art.  He hopes to bring home with him a greater appreciation for the world and his place in it.