Last Chile Meeting

We had our last Chile meeting this week.  It was a great time to get together one more time and talk about our trip.  Each person shared about one of the three Universities that we will be visiting.  These are some of the things that I learned:

*Universidad de Chile– It is the oldest university in Chile.  It boasts that 61% of Chilean presidents have graduated from here.  They have an enrollment of 31,000 with 25,000 undergrads and 6,000 graduates.  Over 1,400 international students study there from all over the world.

*Universidad Catolica de Chile– It is one of 6 Catholic universities in Chile and was declared a pontifical university by Pope Pius XI in 1930.  It was ranked the best Chilean university in 2009.  There are approximately 22,122 students with 3200 as graduate students.

*Universidad Austral de Chile– It was founded in 1954 and gained independence from Universidad the Chile in 1968.  It is located in southern Chile and has an enrollment of 11,000.  It considers itself a research university and is ranked 5th in Chile.  There are 10 PhD programs and 24 Masters programs

How does Virginia Tech compare?

*Virginia Tech– Has over 30,000 students.  It also considers itself a research university and ranks 44th in the United States.  There are 150 Masters and Doctoral programs. Attached is a pdf all about Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech facts_and_figures_2010-11

It is going to be a great trip!