Departure from the US

After a good night’s rest, I meet up with Angela, Adam, and Jordan in the Squires parking lot to start the first leg of our journey to Chile: driving down to Charlotte.  We had about a three-hour drive from Blacksburg, Va. to Charlotte, Nc., which gave us time to catch up and talk. I learned quite a bit of information about everyone outside of the typical research discussion that normally happens when you put more than one doctoral student in a space at one time. Once we arrived in Charlotte, we made our way through security and met up with Margo.

The second part of our trip started in Miami, where we had a long layover. As a group, we talked about the difficulties of navigating through the Miami airport. Once we went through check-in and security, we gathered for a quick bite to eat near our departure gate. We were excited about what was in store for us in Chile especially having the opportunity to meet faculty and administrators from three different institutions.

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