Day 1 – A day of travel

Travel has consumed the first day of our trip.  Adam, Cl, Jordan and I met in the parking lot at VT early in the morning with a stop for breakfast at Panera.  We then traveled to Charlotte and spent the time getting to know one another.  Jordan shared all about his dissertation project involving the memorials built honoring victims of violence in the United States as well as those acts that do not have memorials.  We made a quick stop at Target to pick up any essentials that were left behind.

Check-in and security went smoothly and we grabbed a bite to eat.  Margo met us at the gate, after coming from her parent’s house in Charlotte.  When we arrived in Miami we had to exit security and check-in with American Airlines.  Another trip through security and another bite to eat.  Our plane was delayed because it was late coming in, which gave me plenty of time to read and get to know one another.  I learned that CL had played football at Arkansas, that Adam needs to eat 4000 calories a day so that he doesn’t lose weight and that Margo did her undergrad at Tech with a double major in Biology and Spanish.  Having her as my roommate will be a huge plus!

We boarded for Santiago.  I had a window seat.  After a dinner of pesto tortellini and a glass of wine, I slept the rest of the flight.