The levels of education in Chile are:

  • Pre-school: For children up to 5 years old, optional for 1 grade.
  • Primary school: (Enseñanza básica) for children from 5–13 years old, divided into 8 grades.
  • Secondary school: (Enseñanza media) for teenagers from 13–18 years old, divided into 4 grades.
    • Secondary school is also divided into:
      • Scientific-humanities approach: From Tercero Medio (11th grade) in high school, students can choose a subject in either science (math,physicschemistrybiology), or humanities (literaturehistoryphilosophy), which means they will get more lessons in the area of their choice.
      • Technical-Professional education: Students receive ‘extra’ education in the so-called ‘technical‘ areas, such as electricity, mechanics, metal assembly, etc. This second type of education is more typical of public schools (Liceos), to give students from poorer areas a chance to enter the workforce after completion of high school, as a way to fund a possible higher education career later.[citation needed]