Additional blog 5: How do we match employers needs with students skills?

This was part of the topics we discussed during the last lecture of the “Preparing the Future Professoriate” Class that I took this spring. From our discussions that day, it seems that the answers to that topic constitute a grey area. In other words, we concluded it’s somewhat difficult for schools to teach students the whole set of skills employers want. However, schools do a really good job preparing students for the job market by teaching them the technical skills they need. For example, students majoring in computer science are trained to work at companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, as well as other IT companies. At the same time, many of these students find themselves jobless after graduation. To increase students job market success after graduation, it then becomes crucial that schools and employers work together. In an article titled “What’s Really Behind Employers’ Interest in Education?”, published in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Goldie Blumenstyk, employers were asked the one thing they should do to ensure that new hires and existing staff members get the skills they need to be successful. Most of the employers surveyed stated that encouraging their employees to want to train themselves and learn more skills is very key in their success. I found those answers very interesting, but it still does not completely address students who are getting on the job market for the first time. I think more research should be conducted in this area.

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