Additional blog 3: What is the best way for students to make their voices heard?

There are many ways to make one’s voice heard when we don’t agree with a situation.  For students, protests are the most common way to make our voices heard about situations that we deem unfair. In the history of U.S. (and international) higher education, students have been granted many requests due to protests. At the same time, many students have been either arrested, injured or have even lost their lives in protests for which they have not received satisfaction. This raises a simple question: what is the most effective way for students to make universities administration grant their requests? One of my colleagues who also attends a U.S. school once told me about a protest students had in his school. They decided to protest against the recent increase in the cost per credit hours. Protests lasted for about three days but the university would not budge. In the meantime, many students were arrested during the protests, which at some point became a little violent due to confrontations between students and the Police. These arrested students now have a criminal record, which could be a huge impediment for them in the future to secure a job. That is one reason why many people (including students) don’t like protests, especially those that could lead to violence.

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