Additional blog 4: Are students evaluation really considered ?

Top universities are characterized not only by the research they carry out, but also and more importantly by the good quality of the courses that they teach. End of semester course evaluations are one way to help improve course quality. These evaluations ensure that teachers pass on the best possible knowledge onto students, as well as a continuous self-assessment so as to improve their class content or teaching methods. Nevertheless, it could be argued that these evaluations are only considered when there are really bad evaluations or misconduct. This should not be the case. I truly believe that constructive students comments should be accounted for. Otherwise, students evaluations would become a formality that they have to fulfill that the end of each semester. I remember I took a class for which, I (and most of my colleagues who took the class with me) found the workload to be very heavy. We all found the class was very instructive and well taught, but stated in our evaluation that the workload for the class should be reduced to make it even more attractive. The students from the following year complained about the same thing. That is an isolated case, but I have heard similar stories from many of my colleagues. It’s also imperative to note that some teachers adjust their class contents and teaching methods based on evaluations.

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